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The FeminineMystiques

We have created this retreat for you in order to share, celebrate, feel, explore this life together in Sisterhood.
We will feel into the unique experience of being wildly alive, in tune with our true selves and nature.
A space will be created for a deep connection to our own Truth.

Rise Sister Rise. 
Shine Sister Shine.
Be Sister Be.

02.02-05.02 2023
Hungary, Hi Hekaté

(German & English Host)


The  Mystique Gathering Place

Click here,

to view the venue


You are already whole - you are already complete - you just forgot.


Pictures by @Laurapatricia_

That awaits You

Holistic Yoga, Movement + Embodiment Exercises

The most nurturing & delicious vegan food

Free Time to Integrate + Explore Nature

Silent mornings & going inwards

Sisterhood & Empowerment

Meditations, Activations

Kriyas & KundaliniYoga

​​Inspiring Workshops

Conscious Touch

Mantra singing



The FeminineMystiques Retreat is for You if ...

... you want to connect with like-minded Human Beings

... you want to reconnect to your Body & Soul

... you want to like-minded women & experience the power within that

... you want to reconnect to Mother Nature

... you want to learn more about Femininity, Masculinity, Yoga, TCM & Holistic Health

... you feel called to gift yourself with pure love & joy

... you are ready to be part of seeing beautiful & empowering change happen

... you want more from life & you are no longer willing to allow anything to hold you back from it

... you are ready to shine from within