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Inner Alchemy Retreat
 open yourself to the wisdom within

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When we think about Alchemy, the first word that comes to our minds is "Magic".  

Magic as our ability to create change inside of ourselves whilst consciously allowing

the intelligence of our body to transform all of that which does no longer serve us.

Experience life, mother nature & the environmental energy around

you with presence, joy, love & wisdoms from within.

Through connecting with presence - the eternal now - we open ourselves up to

our inner Alchemist. The Loving Self that has always been there,

ready to serve us according to the best of all.

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Inner Alchemy DayTreat

- reconnection to the wisdom of your body
- inner alchemy & awareness 
- intuitive movement, meditation & yoga
- organic plant based lunch
- guided breath & soundbath
- connect with like-minded souls
- creativity workshop
Our mission is to share, that Yoga is for everyone. Yoga means Union & that's what you've always been.
So it does not matter how flexible you are or how much experience you have. To us, yoga is a wonderful 
tool to find the union of body, mind and soul/spirit. In our classes, we combine intuitive movements with traditional yoga practices, kundalini & light yoga, pranayama & breathwork. We flow with modern scientific based knowledge and ancient wisdoms.

“The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.” - Hippocrates
Our nutritious vegan lunch is prepared with joy & love. With our homemade, refreshing and delicious
lunch you can experience, how creative and energising plant based food can be. 
We believe, that everything is energy - so we deeply care about the energy we share with our beloved bodies.

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Leonie is the founder of her business 'LightfulYou'. She is a holistic yoga teacher, retreat creator, transformational coach, visionary & inspired lightworker. Her vision is to support individuals to create a self-loving and self-determined life full of lightness, community & the feeling of freedom. Leonie is a fun loving multidimensional woman who sees life as a wonderful & magical playground. Her passion for life is felt by everyone around her. She believes travelling is about learning from different cultures and traditions, to understand humanity and create harmonious ways of living around the world. Learning new things delights her deeply, Leonie's curiosity is endless! With beautiful communication skills, Leonie has a unique ability to receive life changing insights and share them in a beautifully artistic and easy to understand way, her perspective on life is truly unique and valuable.

Ben is an artist, world traveller, adventurer, lightworker and healer. He has been referred to as a 'forefather of social media' creating beautiful and inspirational work online since 2010.
His creative pursuits have become more meaningful over the years, as his relationship to life has evolved.

Ben's love for beauty has deepened, his devotion to nature continues to develop and with it his mission too has transformed. His mission is to re-enchant the world, making the adventurous life irresistible. With his loving, kind, truthful and inspiring way of being, he opens hearts, shares embodied wisdoms & reflects the enormous joy of life back to you.

inner alchemy logo 1.png
inner alchemy logo 1.png
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